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What is Vault 11

On our Platform On.Live the safety of your tokens is paramount. That is why we created “Vault 11” - a high profile escrow service as a Smart Contract and Multi-Signature Wallet solution designed to protect ONL tokens and encrypted using the latest cryptographic technology.

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ONL/USD, ONL/BTC & ONL/ETH currency pairs are currently available.
Log in to selected exchange and search for ONL ( ticker to start the trade.

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Transcoding Freeze & Hedge

On.Live Transcoding Freeze & Hedge Program secures both interest of ONL token holders and evolution of the platform in distributed model for the nearest future. The Program is open to all our current users and contributors. By accessing Transcoding Freeze & Hedge, program participants are guaranteed with stable returns corresponding to given deposit periods, and are fully HEDGED against losses by On.Live and our strategical partners.

What is On.Live ?

The OnLive Platform revolutionises both the video broadcast and remote consultations markets. It offers unlimited scalability and availability utilising Blockchain Technology and a completely decentralised Peer-to-Peer network. Anyone can contribute to the system if they have the processing power and bandwidth. Smart incentivisation of these contributions guarantees decentralisation and creates a new economy driven by ONL tokens.

Use cases

Live services

The marketplace gives service providers the ability to sell their services to anyone who needs them. It enables scheduling of live broadcasts, broadcasting in HD quality in real time, convenient billing, chat and dedicated offers, as well as ONL tokens payments.

This applies to many industries - Lawyers, Doctors, Weight Loss, Job seeking, Fitness, Education, Insurance, Language Learning, Financial advice, etc.

Live Broadcasts

Enables service providers to deliver HD live broadcasts to an unlimited number of viewers, billing on pay-per-minute and pay-per-view models and scheduling future live broadcasts.

Our powerful B2B and B2C tech can be used on a number of verticals, including Workshops, Practical tutorials, Sports, Conferences, TV, SVOD, Music, eLearning, Wellbeing, Charity, etc.

Transcoding and Relay Node

Thanks to the decentralised marketplace of Transcoding and Relay Nodes services, all network users have the possibility of making money by utilising their computing power for relay and transcoding operations. OnLive transactions protocol inducted into livestreams opens the possibility of confirming transactions when transmitting video streams.

ONL Token Functionality

Private Sessions

An open, decentralised marketplace for one-to-one broadcasts, where users can reserve an online meeting with a specialist of any kind or make transactions instantly.

Public Broadcast

An open, decentralised marketplace for live broadcasts supported by transcoders.

Transcoding marketplace

The Transcoding Services Marketplace is a fully decentralised, open marketplace for transcoding services.

Pay Per Minute

Live broadcasts where users are being charged for every minute of a show. A perfect choice for interactive events, lectures, etc.

Pay Per View

Also known as „Access Payment” or „Ticket” is a primary choice for sport matches or music concerts, etc.

Subscription Plans

Subscription plans are aimed towards content creators and provide tools for different monetising scenarios.

Tips / Donations

Users are free to show their gratitude and support to content creators.


Thanks to in-built ad-system broadcasters will be able to play their own ads and earn on advertiser ad distribution.

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  • Bulk marketing and communication activities connected with promotion of the platform.
  • Partnership agreements with Amazix (community),Fusion (Asia), UnitedIn (Investors),BlockchainPR (Media), HeyYou (Social Media), Cybertiger (Traffic Asia), Futuremind, Pragmaticcoders, Cryptocompare and more.
  • Launch of Initial Coin Offering distribution.
  • Additional payment system to streamline ONL purchases with fifteen payment methods.
  • OnLive LTD UK sets up a company ONLIVE FUND OÜ,a company organized and existing under Republic of Estonia (EU) law and registered in Tallinn.



  • End of the public offering of ONL currency, further expansion of the community (1400 token holders).
  • Protection of tokens in Vault 11 - Escrow accounts
  • Entry on, a reputable exchange with daily turnover exceeding $30M.
  • Cooperation contracts with media funds and other partners prior to production launch of the project.
  • Completion of the integration with the exchange.
  • Preparation for launching the platform On.Live .
  • Advertising campaigns aimed at acquiring new users
  • Implementation of advanced www security solution



  • Launching the platform, recruiting the first critical mass of users / broadcasters in the UK and US.
  • Launch of the one-to-one broadcast module (WEB), PPV, PPM, PPD, PPE Escrow, Smart Contract, ONL Market, Pay.On.Live, WSF -
  • Launch of telemarketing campaign in UK, partnership actions in the US and Asia
  • Contract for access to fiber-optic highways to insure the lowest delays in communication between countries.Our servers are connected directly to nodes
  • Entrance into second large exchange.
  • Partnership agreements with content providers.



  • Start of additional collocations in Asia and in the US
  • Search for Transcoding partners all over the world.
  • Start of one to many broadcasts (WEB), public broadcasts (centralized version), all pay models.
  • Generic widening of activity into new sectors increase in number of users / broadcasters, partners, nodes.
  • Setting up the beta version of mobile version (IOS and Android) of the application for one-to-one module. Real time Smart Contract, ESCROW, Pay.On.Live


Release of the On.Live version for independent applications creation based on the ONL currency.

  • Decentralized, open one-to-one live streaming ecosystem. Enabling API for building any On.Livebased application.
  • Launch of one to many broadcasts pilot (IOS and Android), public broadcasts.
  • On.Live one to many public broadcasts, source code open for everyone. Any broadcaster can send a live videointo the network, transcode it into various formats and bitrates, and sell it.


Full Decentralized Live Services for any Public Broadcast. Participants of the network can contribute their processing power and bandwidth in service of transcoding and distribution of video streams, full participation in revenue stream according to On.Live model of operations.

Our team

Chris Rybka


More than 17 years of experience in the telecommunications and IT industries. he has been on the boards of directors or in the supervisory boards of more than 30 different companies working on a national and international scale.

Anna Rybka-Krysiak

Co Founder/Manager

Anna is an experienced Professional Manager, with a Master/'s degree in Information Technology and numerous certifications including MS Project 2013, ITILv3 Foundation, PRINCE2 (2009) Practitioner, Agile Practitioner and Project Management Professional (PMP).

Daniel Bayer


A pharmacoeconomics, marketing and law graduate with a MA in Civil Law with a wide experience in the field of business development in the private sector, with a wide range of business contacts across Poland and other markets in CEE.

Michał Jasiński

Legal counsel

Attorney at law with extensive experience in Banking & Finance and Mergers & Acquisitions. He has been involved in numerous financial transactions, including secured and unsecured lending and borrowing, debt instruments, and asset finance. During over 12 years of professional experience he worked for international law firms and Polish publicly listed companies.

Paweł Josiek


Board Member and co-owner of — the mobile and web oriented software house with more than 100 delivered projects.

Igor Farafanow


In his 10-year career Igor has been mostly focused on designing great user experience: as UX Designer, UX Team Leader, Product Manager and CEO (the last one requires mostly user centric approach to succeed).

Adam Ochmański


He is a specialst IT system administrator from the level of line installations to the level of backbone systems. He has over 12 years of professional experience, including 7 years of experience in administration and testing of 20PB MooseFS file system installation.

Chris Janik


Over 11 years of building competences in Business finance management, especially in controlling. Experience in implementing controlling system and financial model for preparing long term forecasts in PGE Capital Group, one of the biggest companies in Poland. Daily co-operation with SMEs, leaders in their market.

Joanna Rodak-Dąbrowska


Summary: Joanna Rodak-Dąbrowska is a strategy & business development manager at the Hey You! agency. She is responsible for strategic planning and building campaigns in social media. She manages all communication channels, community building, reach users, user traffic pipe, graphic creations of advertising materials and contacts with the press.

Paweł Maciszewski


Manager, programmer and team leader for developers with a decade of experience in web applications development and programming for the following companies: UseLab, BrainJuice Interactive, QDO-Ventures/WhoElse, Hypermedia ISOBAR, Dentsu Aegis Network,

Simon Polok

Code & development

Over 17 years of experience in designing and creating both web services and dedicated desktop/server applications for different operating systems (including MacOS X, Windows and Linux).


Mark Shaw

ICT, Aerospace, Satellite Applications Defence, Security

Mark has 20 years of experience in supporting and building growth in SMEs either through investment or organically. Having worked within and for global corporations such as BAE Systems, Oracle and IBM, he changed track to get involved with small companies with global propositions in the IT and IT security world.



Dennis O'Neill has over 25 years experience as an Investment Banker. He helped start two of the largest regional Investments banks in Chicago, Madison Securities and Advanced Equities. He was the Managing Director for Softbank Investments/ E2Capital office in Chicago for two years and raised over 2 billion dollars in capital for early stage companies to date.

Tim Luft

Computer Games, Adv. Manufacturing, Automotive Supply Chain, Digital

Tim/'s focuses on digital, computer games, advanced manufacturing and automotive supply chain. He has extensive experience across digital media, serious games, ICT, advanced engineering, e-Learning and simulation.



A former biz. dev. at The Vanbex Group which was at the time the largest crypto development company in the world. He has also Helped advise a successful $800k tokenized sale on Bittrex for Legends Room in Las Vegas.


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